Modern boilers can heat your home and provide instant hot water, or work with your existing hot water tank to heat water when you need it.

Today’s energy-efficient boilers are cheaper to run and, with regular servicing, should last at least 20 years, depending on the manufacturer and quality of the appliance.

Condensing combination boilers are the most popular choice when it comes to a new boiler and we also supply and fit system boilers and heat-only regular boilers which work with your existing radiators and water tanks.

Choosing the right boiler for your home

  • Do you want your boiler to heat water “on demand” and feed your home’s central heating system?
  • Do you want to heat your water at night when your energy tariff is lower?
  • Is your priority keeping costs down and keeping your existing hot water tank?
  • How many people live in your home and how big is your property?

These are all factors which will help you decide the best boiler for you and we’ll be happy to talk you through your options.

We have been installing boilers and central heating systems for 40 years and we know our stuff!

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Combination Boilers

Combination boilers (or combi-boilers) are the most popular choice of wall-mounted boilers and N. A. Smith are qualified to supply and fit all major brands including Worcester, Bosch, Ideal, Vaillant and Viessman boilers.

All new combination boilers are condensing, which means they capture and re-use some of the combustion products which would normally escape from the flue of a non-condensing boiler.

Since 2005, all new gas boilers have had to be condensing as they are far more energy-efficient. 

Similarly, since 2010, all new boilers must have an A-rating for energy efficiency.

Pros and Cons of Combi Boilers


Unlimited heating and hot water on demand when you need it


Space-saving – there’s no need for a tank in the loft or a hot water tank


Water pressure can drop if you’re running more than one hot water tap at a time, depending on the model of boiler.

The vast majority of new boilers we fit are gas-fired condensing combination boilers.

We believe they represent the most efficient and cost-effective way to heat your home and provide instant hot water on demand as part of your central heating system.

System and Regular Boilers

If budget is your top priority, a new system or regular boiler that works with your existing hot and cold-water tanks could be the best option for you.

Annual Boiler Servicing

To maintain maximum efficiency, it is recommended, and really important, to have your boiler serviced annually.


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