Want new gas central heating in your home?

N. A. Smith Plumbing and Heating install complete gas central heating systems, including radiators and all types of boilers – and our prices are very competitive.

We can supply and fit most heating systems for all types of properties and can help you choose the most cost-effective and energy efficient system for your home and budget.

From budget to designer
Whether your priority is working within a tight budget or making your radiators and heating a feature of your décor, N. A. Smith Plumbing and Heating can help you with your choices.

Energy Efficient

Today’s central heating systems are far more energy efficient than the storage heaters and oil-filled heaters of yesteryear.

However, there are still some important considerations to help you keep running costs to a minimum and limit wasted heat and energy.

Arrange a free, no obligation consultation and we’ll pop round and talk you through your options. 

Email us or call today on 01903 716000 or pop into our Littlehampton office. 

Heating system repairs and chemical flush

If your radiators are clogged up, you could be throwing money down the drain in lost energy costs and permanently damaging your heating system and boiler.

A chemical flush of your existing system, including installing a magnetic filter to attract sludge and silt, will leave your central heating system and radiators performing as new – for a fraction of the cost of a new system.

All our heating repair work is charged per hour and we have NO call-out charge.


We are qualified to install and repair most domestic boilers (up to 70kw input) as part of new central heating systems and can advise you on the most cost effective and energy efficient boilers on the market. 

Visit our Boiler page to find out more.

Reduce your energy costs

As well as having modern heating systems and energy efficient appliances, another way to reduce your heating bills is to ensure you have good insulation in your loft and around your doors and windows.

Energy Grants and Advice

For more energy efficiency advice, visit Energy Saving Trust  and for information on grants towards your heating and new boiler costs, visit the Government’s Ofgem website.   

Free estimates and no obligation advice

We are always happy to visit our customer’s home and provide a free, no obligation estimate. Email on nasmithboilerservices@gmail.com

or call us today on 01903 716000.