Servicing and Repairs

Here when you need us.

If your heating has stopped working or your boiler has broken down, rest assured N.A. Smith Plumbing and Heating can usually help you get back up and running the same day.

We don’t like to leave any of our customers without heating or hot water and we make every effort to respond quickly and professionally when things go wrong.

Protect your family


Annual servicing of gas appliances and boilers ensures the level of Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions stay within the safety range. 

FACT – Odourless carbon monoxide fumes can kill within 15 minutes!



No Call Out Charge

As local plumbing and heating engineers, we’ve built our excellent reputation on being reliable and offering value for money.

We do not charge call-out fees, we simply charge you for the time it takes to carry out the repairs plus the cost of any materials that we have used.

Blocked drains, toilets, sinks and soil pipes

We will investigate the cause of the blockage, remove the offending objects and test the system to make sure everything is flowing properly.

We always carry some replacement fittings and materials on our vans so that we can make repairs on the spot wherever possible.

Water leaks

It is always sensible to know where your incoming mains stop-cock is located, in case you need to turn the water off quickly.

Water damage from the tiniest leak can do thousands of pounds of damage so quick action is the key.

At N.A. Smith, our plumbing and heating engineers respond to reports of water leaks quickly and we will investigate the cause of the leak and carry out instant temporary repairs or make safe to prevent further damage.

If it is possible and we have the right materials, we will complete a full repair of the leak as soon as we find it.

Boiler Servicing

To maintain maximum efficiency and protect your family from potentially deadly CO and CO2 emissions, it’s really important to have your boiler serviced annually.

Combination, Condensing Boiler Service

  • Clean condensing trap – clean the burner / combustion chamber if necessary
  • Check carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, flue temperature and efficiency levels
  • Clean magnetic filter (if fitted)
  • Check electrodes and clean if necessary
  • Analyse flue gasses and adjust for maximum energy efficiency
  • Check radiator circuit, thermostatic controls if necessary, smoke alarms and CO detectors
  • Check gas rate and working pressures
  • Complete manufacturer’s service record

Combination Boiler Service (non-condensing) 

  • Strip out burner from combustion area and clean
  • Vacuum internal area
  • Check and clean fan blades and air pressure switch tubes
  • Open-flued boiler – carry out smoke spillage testing
  • Flue gas analysis and fully test the appliance
  • Check CO emissions, smoke alarms and CO detectors

Gas Fire Servicing

  • Remove coals or radiants and vacuum all internal parts
  • Check catchment area
  • Carry out a smoke test (flues) and spillage test
  • Reinstate coals or radiant after cleaning with brush only
  • Check CO detector and levels
  • Check Burner pressure

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